Karla Renee Morgan, Houston, Texas (theft) [IAH]

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    Name: Karla Renee Morgan, Houston, Texas

    Age: 49

    TSA Job: Checkpoint screener

    Crime: Theft

    ABC Local KTRK: TSA agent arrested on accusations of theft (June 17 2011)

    Officers arrested Karla Morgan, 49, Thursday for theft. Police say an undercover officer gave Morgan a wallet he said he found with a thousand dollars inside. Investigators say Morgan put the wallet in her backpack and walked out of the airport. Officers then arrested Morgan in a parking lot.

  2. News Net 14: Karla Morgan (June 18 2011)

    Undercover cops had a strong suspicion that Morgan, 49, was stealing things from luggage out of the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. With agents from the Department of Homeland Security and cops in tow, investigators sent a wallet with $1,000 in marked bills down the inspection line, according to Examiner.com. On the way out of work, Morgan was arrested when investigators allegedly found that $1,000 in her backpack.

    Examiner: Another TSA airport screener accused of stealing after checkpoint sting (June 18 2011)

    Undercover officers say they placed a bunch of valuables inside a bag and they passed it through Terminal B's "Checkpoint 20" as Morgan was working. Officers were carefully watching the bag the entire time, but she left things alone in those first few attempts. Police decided to try Plan B, so they took 10 marked $100 bills and folded them in a wallet. An officer handed the wallet over to Morgan and said he was turning it in because he had found it nearby in the terminal. In their police report, HPD officers write that Morgan did not turn that wallet into her supervisor as she's supposed to do. She even walked right past several uniformed HPD officers, passing up another opportunity to turn in the found property. At quitting time on Thursday, police say she left the secure area of the airport and headed for her car and that's where undercover officers approached her for the arrest.
  3. ABC News KTRK: TSA agent accused of theft expected in court today (June 23 2011)

    Karla Morgan was arrested at Bush Intercontinental Airport last week in a sting operation. An undercover officer posed as a traveler and gave Morgan a wallet that he said he found. The wallet had one thousand dollars inside ... Morgan, 49, began working for the agency in September 2002.
  4. Canoe Network - CNews: Skiving screeners in U.S. target foreign travellers (Sept 13 2011)

    Veteran TSA screener Karla Morgan, 49, was charged with stealing a wallet containing $1,000 in marked bills following a police sting. An undercover agent posing as a passenger handed Morgan a wallet, saying he had found it at security. Morgan allegedly did not turn it in when she walked by two uniformed police officers. She was arrested in the parking lot at the end of her shift. The wallet was found in her backpack.

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