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    My "Manifesto"

    Letter of Resignation
    It is with complete and utter frustration, and great relief, that I resign my position as a Screening supervisor with the Transportation Security Administration at John Wayne Airport. After working for more than eight years under the worst mismanagement of an agency sworn to uphold a public trust, my personal and professional beliefs, ethics and morals have lead me to the decision that I can no longer work for an agency that violates them and the public trust on a daily basis. The amount of incompetence in the upper management level here at JWA is simply infinite. TSA management has only been successful in one thing; draining the true purpose and life out of this job.

    First and foremost, as a tax paying U.S. citizen, former US Army counter intelligence special agent, and twenty year special operations military veteran, I look with amazement and contempt at the ethics lacking bureaucracy that the TSA not only is today, but also started as. I have sadly come to realize, with no surprise, that TSA was not created for, or is about the security of the traveling public, but at the expense of the citizens it was created to protect, nothing more then a bureaucracy designed to provide an official “placebo” to clam the publics nerves about flying, and to provide a second income for retired US Secret Service agents and/or friends of theirs, all of whom are very unqualified for their positions.

    TSA has nothing to do with security and ironically, but not surprisingly, has very, very few security experts in its employ, and none in the management level. There are however many retired USSS agents and law enforcement “experts” in the management ranks, which would ideal if TSA were dedicated to a law-enforcement role, but it isn’t, hence the name Transportation Security Administration. The core of the problem is that security and law enforcement are completely different and can be defined by the difference between their own missions and goals. And there-in lies the problem: TSA, supposedly designed to provide security, is being headed by people without any training, experience or expertise in security needed to lead a security agency, i.e.; former police chiefs and airline VP’s being named FSD’s and DFSD’s, the ladder brings to mind something myself or any other security expert would consider a “gross conflict of interest”.

    Contrary to upper TSA management beliefs, in this business, the airlines are not, and should be considered “Partners” with us since their first responsibility is to their shareholders, not the traveling public. The airlines are not in the security business and are not security experts.

    Here at SNA, the reasons for my resignation are numerous. A lack of ethics and credibility in leadership is number one, “The buck stops here” is an ethical cornerstone of the professional business world that TSA management does not seem obliged to adhere to. Management is, and always has been more concerned with the less important and much more mundane aspects of this job, such as "cutting good paper", making sure people call in at least one hour before their shift, or that their wearing black, not blue socks, instead of the things that are actually important; like Security, morale, a working schedule, and procedures in the event we actually receive a real threat...because we don't have one, and don't try to say we do because we don't. I, unlike you, worked there and knew what the hell I was doing.

    Management has chosen the incredibly easy and wide road of taking a brand new agency full of dedicated screeners and turning it into a giant "Dog and Pony show", instead of taking the narrow and hard path, and doing what you should have done.... and create a truly professional security agency.

    I have made many friends at TSA and will miss working with them very much.

    Jeff Provo

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