David Ralph Anderson, Spring Creek, Nevada (lewdness with a child) [EKO]

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    Name: David Ralph Anderson, Spring Creek, Nevada

    Age: 61

    TSA Job: Not specified

    Crime: Lewdness with a child (6 counts)

    Elko Daily (26 Aug 2011): DA charges Spring Creek man with lewdness

    Elko Daily (26 Aug 2011): Police Log

    Our Tax Dollars at Work (27 Aug 2011): Elko Area Regional Airport Nevada TSA Agent David Ralph Anderson Arrested, Charged With Molesting Girl Younger Than 14 Seven To Ten Times In Past Year

    The 6th Floor (27 Aug 2011): TSA and Acts of Lewdness?

    Great Political Abyss (27 Aug 2011): TSA Employee Arrested for Off-Duty Child Molestation

    Scared Monkeys (27 Aug 2011): 61 Year Old TSA Employee David Ralph Anderson Charged with 6 Counts of Lewd Acts on a 14 Year Old Girl

    Aero News Network (31 Aug 2011): TSA Employee Charged With Lewdness With A Child: Accused In At Least Ten Instances Since Last Year


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