Clinton Reed Lyle, Nashville, Tennessee (statutory rape) [BNA]

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    Name: Clinton Reed Lyle, Nashville, Tennessee (misidentified as Clifton Lyles in most articles)

    Age: Not specified

    TSA Job: Not specified

    Crime: Statutory rape

    WTVF (20 Sept 2011): TSA Agent Charged With Statutory Rape

    WSMV (21 Sept 2011): TSA agent arrested in Rutherford County

    WGNS Radio (21 Sept 2011): TSA Agent Arrested in Murfreesboro Area

    WGNS Radio (21 Sept 2011): TSA Agent Indicted for Statutory Rape

    Infowars (21 Sept 2011): Another TSA Employee Accused of Rape

    Ban Strong Hands (22 Sept 2011): Hiring Rapists Business As Usual For TSA

  2. It appears that his correct name is Clinton Reed Lyle, not Clifton Lyles. Only one of the above sources got it right, and that is attributed to the detective who secured his grand jury indictment.

    Searching for a matching Clifton Lyles in the area draws a blank, but there is a Clifton Lyle.

    For starters, there is this Google Plus One profile:

    clinton lyle google plus one image.jpg lyle clifton google plus one.png lyle clifton google plus one 22.png
    And in Intelius:
    lyle clinton intelius.png

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