Michael Pujol, Homestead, Florida (theft) [MIA]

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    Name: Michael Pujol, Homestead, Florida

    Age: 33 (born 9 July 1978)

    TSA Job: Not specified (from context of articles likely baggage screening)

    Crime: Theft

    Thieves 'R Us (courtesty Switchboard.com):

    pujol michael switchboard.jpg pujol betsy switchboard.jpg

    WSVN (20 Jan 2012): TSA officer and wife arrested in iPad thefts

    Miami Herald (20 Jan 2012): TSA agent accused of selling stolen property from luggage on Craigslist

  2. CBS 3 Springfield (20 May 2012): TSA worker stole iPads from passenger’s luggage

    Fox News (20 May 2012): Miami TSA officer and his wife charged with stealing from passengers' luggage

    News.com.au (20 May 2012): Airport worker 'stole from passengers' bags

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